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Chicago Growth Partners Wins Private Equity International’s Operational Excellence Award

CGP wins award from global private equity industry publication for deploying its Operational Toolkit at portfolio company, Royall & Company

Chicago Growth Partners (“CGP”) has been named the recipient of Private Equity International’s¬†Operational Excellence Award. Private Equity International (“PEI”) states, the “Operational Excellence Award recognizes the achievements of the industry’s best-in-class operators: private equity firms that demonstrate they can add genuine value to the companies that they own and operate – not just through financial engineering, but through operational improvements.” PEI recognized CGP as the award winner based on the success of various operational initiatives at portfolio company, Royall & Company. Working alongside the Royall management team, CGP was able to leverage its expertise in transforming IT systems and building sales organizations to help drive operational efficiencies and growth during its three and a half year investment period.

Over the course of its 20-year history, the CGP team has seen a variety of operational and strategic challenges at lower middle market growth companies, including upgrading IT systems, improving data management, and scaling sales organizations. As a result, CGP has created an operational tool-kit to proactively address these issues and take advantage of value creation opportunities at portfolio companies. CGP’s technology and systems implementation expertise provides portfolio company managers the tools needed to accelerate growth, improve efficiency, and make accurate data-driven decisions. CGP believes that its ability to identify and prioritize key value-added initiatives is evident in the revenue and EBITDA growth at portfolio companies like Royall & Company.